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Sex Toys for Sri lankan girls

There is a social belief (In Sri Lanka) that men are the wildest when it comes to sex, ...
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Can you have an orgasm without losing your virginity? Sex Story 01

Some of you visitors must be wondering if we are out of topics to talk about? Well, not ...
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How to increase penis size at home? Top 5 Natural food you can find in Sri Lanka

Penis size is one of the main insecurities of every man. This is very common among men in ...
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Staying a Virgin Until Marriage in Sri Lanka?

Growing up in a Sinhalese Buddhist home, I was raised to view my virginity as form of ...
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Do Sri Lankan girls masturbate?

Lets be open about it! YES, Sri Lankan girls do masturbate, and yes they can be just as ...

Who was General Sir John Lionel Kotelawala?

Destined to a rich landholding and mining family, Kotelawala had a troublesome ...
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Sex toys in Sri Lanka! Legal? 100% safe to use?

It is our battle to try and educate visitors and customers about the use of sex toys in ...
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Solutions for problems in sex life? A Sri Lankan’s Advice

What are human needs? Oxygen,Food,Water... sex?A couple meets, they fall in love and ...
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What do Sri Lankan men want in bed?

This topic is one of the most google searched topics on Many women in todays ...
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