Can you have an orgasm without losing your virginity? Sex Story 01

Some of you visitors must be wondering if we are out of topics to talk about? Well, not really. But here is a fact, with our research, we were able to identify that, there are a lot of Sri Lankans googling this question.

Ekapersonal is all about educating our viewers on the reality and we help you face it. We receive many emails everyday, with many sharing their stories with us with the condition of not disclosing their names. So as a team we decided to create content on the basis of us narrating these questions as a life experience. These episodes will be named as SEX STORY and this will be our very first of these episodes. So lets get started & hope you like it.

My guy is the most attractive guy, I’ve ever met. The thought of him turns me on. Unfortunately, he currently works in Australia. And yes we are in a long distance relationship. IKR !! That sucks.

As you guessed rightly we could not keep our hands off each other. He would slam his lips against mine the moment he gets to Sri Lanka.The sexual tension of being away definitely translated into many intense sessions of making out

And yeah I said make out not haveSEX ! 

Even though we sleep together, I’ve told him that I am not ready for sex yet and he has respected it. We do find it hard but I know I am not yet mentally or physically prepared to have something go inside me.

So whenever we met there were heaps of sexual desire between us and make outs would just have to happen. My favorite is when we dry humped because that was closest feeling to sex that we have experienced.

My guy has a good package, I would call it as hard as a rock sometimes specially when he places it on my vagina. Once he keeps it there, we get a hold of it and slides it  up and down until one of us gets really horny and rough. I love looking at him while he rubs  his cock on my pussy. 

At times, this movement would make me hit in the right spot. And the feeling is just heavenly. Well, my guy has been putting up with this for a while now and I’m so lucky to have a guy this understanding about how I feel about sex. If I did give my consent, I know he would literally F*ck the hell out of me. I guess, this thought turns me on but also scares me. In case you are already judging me, I am marrying this man.

I was totally unaware of vibrators till my guy brought one for me. At first I found it freaky but later the feeling was just heaven. It felt like a cool breeze with a bit of cool rain drops on me.

Soon the kiss turned to desire and his hands felt needy on my waist. He slipped his hand inside my top and I was already leaking in my panties as his cold hands touched my curved waist. This was a routine for us- Our genitals pushed against each other.

I enjoyed the pleasure waves the vibrator sent through my body. So until we lose our virginities I think we are gonna stick with this.

 We hope you loved the story, stay tuned for more.

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