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Do Sri Lankan girls masturbate?

Lets be open about it! YES, Sri Lankan girls do masturbate, and yes they can be just as much as vulgar as boys are.

This isn’t something girls talk openly over a typical conversation but truth is we are human after all. And we Sri Lankan’s have a habit of doing things behind curtains. However this does not mean that all girls are the same.

For me to explain the question, ” Do Sri Lankan girls masturbate?” the real question is ” WHY NOT?” Girls and boys living in the 21st century are born into an ERA of technology. Everything is just a click of a button. Many girls today come across a lot of porn themselves.

When do girls masturbate?

Honestly there is no fixed time. It totally depends on the mood and situation. If they sleep alone that would be most convenient for them,

If not then bathing is a good enough time.

Girls in Sri Lanka have less privacy than the rest of the countries. But generally it could be  2-3 times a week.

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