How to increase penis size at home? Top 5 Natural food you can find in Sri Lanka

Penis size is one of the main insecurities of every man. This is very common among men in Sri Lanka. 

Quote ” Ube eka mechcharai neh?”. Most men joke over this but this is one of the main security of every man. Men aren’t just worried about the penis size but also how it impacts his sex life. Today we find many fake ads all over the internet showing how the penis size can be increased through fake products that could be harmful. This is why we at EkaPersonal decided to share our knowledge with our audience. 

Here are the points we will talk about on this topicWe will talk about the science behind how a penis actually grows.

  • The science in how the penis grows
  • Quick and easy ways to increase the penis size
  • Types of healthy food that helps increase penis size naturally
  • Healthy Supplements

Lets start with answering the main question. Can you really increase penis size? YES, it can be increased however this isn’t a 2 minute process.

All you need are 3 very simple things, TIME, EFFORT and DEDICATION. I mean after all this is what is needed for body building as well, but yeah this is important.

Before we get started with the extreme, let me start with the basics,

  1. Reducing your bodily fat helps increase the size of the penis, since fat creates a layer of fat near the PUBLIC AREA.
  2. Cut down the forest area, this isn’t going to increase the penis size, but this will definitely help make your penis prominent.
  3. Drink a lot of water (3 Liters a day ) , this is very important because blood levels needs to be at optimum levels to maintain erection.
  4. NO SMOKING !! Smoking is a major constrain for penis blood floor.
Given the above is well noted, lets get into the fun part. FOOD!

You will need to stop taking very little oily food, since this goes back to the fat layers been formed around your private area. The right amount of nurishment is a must. Bellow are the RIGHT type of food that we recommend.


The penis looks like a banana, so yeah why not ? Obviously bananas are high in the required nurishment needed, this helps your blood flow in many ways.


Another possible food is inions, since this too has properties in it that helps reduce clots and helps blood flow. So I hope you understand the basic by now, if you have a good blood flow, this will directly impact your erection.


The next type of food that you would love to hear from us is DARK chocolates. I mean after all its chocolates. Raw cocoa helps in a positive blood flow.


Spoiler ALERT, this is highly recommended since this plays a big role in increasing the penis size. Most supplements related to increasing penis size, has contents that originate from watermelon. So yeah!!! This is your remedy since this is very broadly available in Sri Lanka.


Chicken the ONE TRUE LOVE? isn’t it? I mean after all it died for you. Chicken comes packed with lean protein and also includes a important ingredient for you to have a natural remedy for penis enlargement. It’s called Niacin.

Now lets talk about the food that you must NOT eat !


  • Salt
  • Fat
  • Potato chips
  • Cakes
  • Cookies
  • Coffee
  • Soft drink

Healthy Supplements

  1. L-Arginine (AMINO ACID)
  2. Niacin(Vitamin B3)
  3. Folic Acid
  4. Ginkgo Biloba

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