Sex Toys for Sri lankan girls

There is a social belief (In Sri Lanka) that men are the wildest when it comes to sex, that is a myth. In my point of view, the reason for this perspective towards men is that men use to express their wilderness way more than a woman does. Most of the men stare at women and talk dirt with their friends in the workplace or any other public places without fear but women do the opposite. They talk about sex with their close friends and generally deny discussing sex. Having sexual feelings is natural to both the genders and it is encoded in our core brain as a need for our survival. Moreover, most of the women depressed because of lacking having sex.

Most women attend bed without having the sensation of orgasms. Well, there are several reasons like, young unmarried girls are yet to explore the pleasurable moments, while some women are unaware of what they like during intimacy and intercourse. Many women are unhappy with the sexual satisfaction with their partners. Well, this is often where sex toys for women play a serious role in helping women to satisfy their needs and desires to the core. These female sex toys are available various features, shapes, sizes, and colors to supply intense pleasures to the women and make them feel confident about their desires.

Hence, female sex toys is believed to have positive impact on the overall emotional and mental well-being of a bold and proud women race in Sri Lanka.

Why do women need to use sex toys?

·        Sex toys are crafted to target the pleasure spots of women.

·        Using sex toys completely reduce the risk of transmitting sexual diseases.

·        The orgasms that acquired by sex toys, are more powerful than other all means.

·        Sex toys will boost the sexual performance of women in bed.

·        Give a woman high level of confidence and increase sexual desire hence


Types of sex toys available in Sri Lanka

·       Dildo – This is one of the most innovative sex toys and now this is the most popular sex toy in the world. This is a sex toy designed as a man’s penis so; it can applied anally or vaginally.

·       Clitoral Vibrators – Women does not need to insert something to gain an orgasm or sexual pleasure every time. The other areas of a woman’s private part like the vulva, labia and clitoris contains tons of nerve endings, which can be stimulated for explosive sexual pleasure.

·       Rabbit Vibrators – This is a unique sex toy that designed for women in two ways with two motors and provide double pleasure. This must insert into the vagina for high sensation and G-spot stimulation. Usually they include a variety of speeds and settings or can thrust.

·        Couple Vibrators – Couple vibrators are inserted in a woman’s vagina along with a man’s penis in order to experience the sexual sensation by both of them. This sex toy targets the G-spot and collectively tease, excite and pleasure the woman. This toy enables the man as well as the woman to feel the pleasure by vibration.

·       G-Spot Vibrator – G-spot is a hard to find region but, this vibrator target the G-spot effortlessly and provide high pleasure for the woman. It designed with a curved tip to directly target G-spot making inner stimulation more exciting and satisfying for a woman.

·       Strap-Ons 

·       Vibrating panties

·       Double ended dildos

·       Remote control vibrator

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