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What do Sri Lankan men want in bed?

This topic is one of the most google searched topics on Google.lk. Many women in todays era have this very complicated question in their mind on how to satisfy their man in bed. But what women tend to forget is, men have a persona outside of the bed as well, that needs to be pleased and surprised and satisfied just as much.

Make your man feel wanted not just in bed but outside as well.

The key to satisfy a man in bed is to make him feel like he’s powerful, he’s the ultimate alpha male. A man loves to feel wanted the same way a woman needs attention.

Sri Lankan women are flooded with creative and out-of-the-box compliments. But as years pass, men are subjected to negligence in a sexually attractive way and this tendency is common. This naturally happens over a period of time.

You do not need to be in a bedroom to make your man feel desirable. Dress something really nice and be pleasant and make sure he knows you have put in those efforts for “him”. He is instantly going to feel much more manly than before. 

You do not need to necessarily wear something revealing. Take a look at the women’s section and dress in something trendy. How about skinny jeans and his favorite T shirt?

Remember just because your married to him or finally dating him doesn’t mean you should stop flirting with him. Sri Lankan families always have food together and that is going to be your cue to please your man. Something as simple as a “guess what I am wearing inside” can get him off the hook instantly. If your situation allows nothing of these, draw in technology for your rescue. Send him a dirty text. Make sure his phone is with him when you shoot the text. Take our word, it will turn him on.

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