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EkaPersonal.com is the best website where you can find various kinds of sex toys. We not only keep a wide range of sex toys but also keep upgrading the list so that our customers can explore different sex toys each time they visit our website. We deliver all the products with proper packaging and with the utmost privacy to our customers to keep them away from embarrassments. The products here are passed with all the quality checks and are custom cleared. Hence, yes, it is the most trusted site to buy sex toys.

All the products available on our website are absolutely legal for sale in Sri Lanka. Our products are approved, cleared and sanctioned by the Customs authority of Sri Lanka. The products imported are duly custom cleared with the payment of duties and surcharges as per the Sri Lankan Customs Ordinance – Section 51

We comply with all norms of legality, maintain the highest standards of hygiene and offer products of the top international and local brands.

Yes, these sex toys are completely safe to use. All the sex toys or sexual products, whether they are edible ones, devices to insert or the ones to wear for sexual pleasure are made of high-quality materials that are safe on the body. Also, most of the products that we sell on the website are all medically tested and proven safe to use. One just has to follow the instructions on how, when and where to use the products.

SEX is still a taboo in Sri Lanka. From talking about sex, desires, fantasies and orgasms to watching an adult film, it has always taken as an embarrassment and an awkward topic to converse about. Hence, to fulfil the desire and needs, Sri Lankans often tend to buy sex toys online as it is also difficult to find sex toys easily in the offline market. At times, the sex toys found are not up to the standards, or there are not much variety and quality in them. It can also be difficult to trust the product’s quality and price as well. While talking about quality and products to fit their budget, we provide the best quality products from top International as well as local brands at an affordable price with a variety of options for our customers to choose from.

It is okay to gift sex toys and products to your closed ones without making them feel embarrassed as we provide discreet packaging for all the products. Hence, there is no awkward feeling while gifting or receiving the gift.

But if you are confused about what to buy for your closed ones, you can always opt for an e-gift card. The receiver can buy the products as per their choice at ease by redeeming the gift card on our website. E-Gift Cards are the best option for gifting during marriage and anniversaries so that the receiving couple can buy and explore a better sex life.

The answer to this question is hypothetical, but we assure you that sex toys make the relationships fun-loving and interesting. They make your partner crave for more when you use them wisely and not overuse them to be dependent on it. Certain couples love kinky stuff while having sex as these toys help in discovering different spots and pleasures of each other. People can experiment with various ways of self-pleasure by using different types of vibrators, dildos, cock rings and strokers. For sexual pleasure, the use of BDSM toys and couple vibrators can also give an unforgettable experience. Remember, good sex will make your life much more joyful because when our desires are achieved, the mind feels fresher, rejuvenated, calm and happy. To ensure it is not affecting your relationship, all you need to ensure is that you are controlling your sex toy and not vice-versa.

When it comes to men, a lot of people are unaware of the type of sex toys available for them. We have different types of male sex toys that include both mechanical and battery-operated ones. For masturbation, we have single & double-headed popular fleshlights for men. They are not only for masturbation but also to keep the erections strong and firm. For couple sex, we have several penis rings – static as well vibrating ones in different shapes and flexible sizes to keep the sexcitement on during the act. For arousing the P-spot in men, several anal toys are also available for them. Apart from these, you can also buyl penis pumps and extenders that help in enlarging the penis size.

We have a lot to serve when it comes to catering to women’s & girls sexual desires. For women who love self-exploring, they can choose from different types of dildos, while for the ones who prefer satisfaction without much hand movement, using a vibrator is the best option for them. The ones who are more adventurous can also choose from the BDSM category. We also have a variety of dildos and anal toys that are perfect for both singles and couples, while one can also try our wand category that is available in cordless, rechargeable and glass as well.

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